Poetry corner 002

I remember an awkward conversation.
About loves labors that day.
Not that my colleague was denied love,
but that they preferred that it dress them a certain way.
A broken heart keeps one pretty busy.
Do not break for me.
From height they fell, leaving everyone dizzy.
Must be nice being free.

Or the mentalist who’s eyes followed me everywhere.
And barely saw me, if they saw me.
With no feelings to declare,
When putting you before me.
A broken heart, and sad songs, fill my ears.
Secretly, you’re glad I’m sad.
I know it by your vanishings.
Be warm and well, wherever you are;
It pains me, And I sing.
For you, no tears.

In the shadows, prancing dancers. With no clue.
We’re always swimming in the shallows.
To me you can’t see true.
Your company is worthless, and your pictures; ash in the trash.
Knowing all to well you could care less.
Until it’s real for you.
We’ll never be friends again, they’re lost on you, sweetie.
Truly, you’re maddening, and love yourself completely.
Nice knowing you.

And the train journey where you finally decided…
I was worthy of your time. Worthy of love.
It never lasts, we’re so far in the past I pass you by. Uninvited.
I didn’t need you to tell me it wasn’t me you were thinking of.
At last, I’m asking why.


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