poetry corner 003 – dreams vs. reality

I remember this dream I had. An allegorical “Mind-fuck“.
Or at least that was my memory of it; a dumb sort of luck.
About hide-and-seek– yes, the children’s game. The origins
Of it’s fruition. And why it is so uniquely tradition.
It’s difficult to describe, when you’ve never been beside me…
I started playing before you, but I was waiting for you to find me.
If I’d known to seek my would-be hide, what might then have been?
Found you, now you go, my sweet. Just know I play to win.

Then, something I would expect to find in a Greek tragedy.
Of an alternate reality, where life and life are one.
Life and death as cyclical, from stars to soil. Hold your disparity,
Were we wondering where everyone we knew had gone…

Hardly. We’re managing expectations. Spoils upon the page.
Holy, whole-heartedly, miss guided meditation.
Wrath; I name thee rage.

Something, or nothing. As nothing lasts forever, I know which one I’d choose.

Suzanne “Annie” Dunham


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