poetry corner 005 – Aphorisms of X

For all my years
I am afforded,
No more,
No less.
I regret the tattoo.

I would write you
I would sing to you
I would think of you often
I will love you
I will hold you
I will miss you; my unforgotten

This is a very confusing time in my life.
I know you feel it too.
Better. Worse.

A word of advise.
Go slow, fast.

In retrospect.
It would have been nice to have been a unicorn, or a dragon.
Why be a legend when you can be myth.
Perhaps not, the truth is much stranger than fiction.

At length. We discuss who loves the other more. We both have appeals.
In time. We find we have other things to talk about. Out of order.
For you. I would delegate myself. If there are no objections.
By then. You offer no defense. I plead the fifth.

Sometimes I forget which belongs where.
I think I got it right. This time.

There wasn’t always an us.
We will always be there.

From one point of observation to another.
It was nice to have will be getting to know you better.
There, we were.

Not even a little.
There’s always tomorrow.

I’ve run out of things not to say.


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