Pyramus & Thisbe (redux) part 1 — by Prehaps & SullenaSpirit

“WHO goes there!?”

Like a troll on a bridge, I guard the princess behind. The grounds I guard are foreign, English is Not my native tongue. So forgive a lowly troll for being a bit coy.

“What have you come to find?”

Somewhere I have never traveled, gladly beyond any experience, your eyes have their silence.

“I’ve no interest in the business of trolls; anonymous you may remain. I find you have pretty Words, but there’s really nought to be gained. What is your name?”

What’s in a name?

“It’s a question I ponder myself.”

Thisbe — The sun is blinding, not silent, so I must retract my Cummings. What do you guard?

“No one knows, you’re the first to ask. It’s a thankless task, do you also find. Speaking your Mind as you go. No one knows — Pyramus.”

Pyramus? Oh dear. Words are your domain, but you ran out of them? Surely a book will replenish your fountain. I’m just scared of the pages getting wet. I’ll remain the riddler that… Guards this bridge until you burn it down. So get your torches!

“Domain is just another name for prison. Dare to think outside. I do not wonder what I guard,
I merely seek to hide. Tell me, what words do you seek? I’ll remedy my supply.
The sun twists the Earth about the sky. And they weep, as our parents wept.
With regards to pyromania, I fear I remain inept.”

[Light from the center of a creeping mandala, becoming energy, becoming fire. Secretly wishing to become lightning, but unable to reach that far].

WORD MAGIC!? I mean… We held a match to keep our sight on the path, but the flame gave up And we lost it. And I’ve knelt for the last three years trying to find it back with the blackened Matchstick. You will never admit that you bid the wind to blow the flames out; and buried the Coals in the sea! You tricked me!

“I have no cause to keep the fires. I question what they cost to keep alive.
I do not wish to disturb the troll, or the keep over which it resides.
Princesses are princesses, I am no hero nor prince. I am a name, a liar; how I wince at the Prospect of fire.”

[As if depleted, the wordstagram crumbles to nothing].

[part ii coming soon].


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