poetry corner 018 – Stoopid poetry 02

Compliment my shy
With brash existence.
Exist between lace & leather
Impossible to resist.
Shame me with your own way;
A thousand verse free fall
Of everything yet to say.

In the corners of my imagination,
I circle around you;
And hope that when I hold your eye
You know that I have found you.

I‘ll count out the measures
To my salvation.
I‘ll love you by proxy,
And leave you reminded.
Only when it is unrequited
Truly can love be blinded.

Until I am made splendid;
(On the verge, until you’re shore).
Til I am quoted
Never forevermore.

Are you my equivalent
Or otherwise minded.
I mind that I now find you so prevalent,
Afforded all of your kindness.
Are we kindred
Kindly, I remind you
Afore Albion’s time is ended.
I read your resignations
Your resignation is tended.

You reply,
As the others on the verge passer by.


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