poetry corner 022 – wasn’t burnt in a day.

Nero is the frustration.
Fractures & fractions.
From every point of observations
An equal and opposite action.

Nervous energy.
I’ll fiddle while you burn,
If you let me.
We can quote
From what we wrote,
But we can never imitate.
Appreciation & understanding;
Gawking, what can that be?
Fortuna sailed,
We missed the boat.
Now all that’s wet
Is the upstairs landing.

To know your keel
From bow to stern.
A stitch in time
Is a penny earned.
For your thoughts–
I catch your scent;
Why so much butter,
I’m not concerned.
Purgatory waits for no one.

Grease stains, and chocolate chips.
Suns set over poet trees.
A gentle reminder, not-forget.
Feature-fit by bits and degrees.


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