poetry corner 023 – pattern recognition.

It was brief,
This Machiavellian instant coffee.
A fleeting history,
Abridged across destiny.
Softened sweetness,
Mild notes of Discord and Hindu Deities.
A summary,
Of wise kings and kindred fleas.
The kindness of a kissing disease.
Seasonings sufficient enough to make a tree sneeze.
Finite are the days
We live without dependents.
Reprized in lies. .
Fickle, the memories
Of being in control of ones’ self.
Slender, this thing.
Thinking about thinking about thinking.
What is the cogito ergo sum of my inception.
Ordinary. Binary in stead.
I surmise.
Half-life is for the living.
For the dead.

Anything else summarily misdirection.
Far cry.


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