Just write 01 – ponder bridge ‘pon troubled water.

‘No more mind games; no more mind.’ – William “Spike” The Bloody.

Mental health. Now there’s a concern.
It didn’t become an issue, it’s always been with us.
Makes it hard to know how, or why I might broach the subject… Without a soapbox.

There are stirrings in the media, about Brexit, about the election of Trump, and how this should be taken as evidence of a neglected movement of people who are making history by dismaying that conventional political ethics have let us down. And are on the rise.

That’s… certainly one way of looking at it.

I would offer this instead. Mental health is a serious concern, and it didn’t become an issue– there have been amendments, we live in an age that feels two ways about advertising, privacy, and the value of human life– But mental health issues have always been with us.

When a man makes his bones turning a small fortune into a mass of wealth and power, at the expense of, by the grace of, in spite of his country…
When that man can be championed as “fresh air”, lying for good rather than for evil, when he can be grotesque, narrow minded, short-sighted, and arrogant beyond measure, and have no misgivings about his cause and effect…
When he can abuse the English language for his own ends, rallying behind the fallacy that a powerful man can choose not only what he says and does, but that he can tell you what that should mean to you…

Donald Trump was… technically… elected. Which is more than can be said for Theresa May. Politicians have too much poetry, not enough soul. The “right” words can’t convince away our history.

We’re advertised to. They champion their rights when they feel they are infringed upon, but they think they have a right to make your life about commercials.
When Trump supporters talk about him, it’s all soundbites, rhetoric, and naivety. He said the right words, advertised his position just right, and now his support is tantamount to brainwashing.

When America talks about freedom, and rights, it shouldn’t be empty words.
Donald Trump wants to make America great again.
He shouldn’t demand exclusion to do it.

Soapbox disengaged.


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