poetry corner 028 – Dropped G. — An ode to Inebria —

I have failed in my mission.

What is Love?

Love is like a spider. Every derivation is unique, beautifully grotesque, and necessary infarction upon modern life; for all that need entail.

I have no rule of three.

What is Bigotry?

That is somewhat more difficult to define. Though, now that I think about it, I suppose bigotry is itself rooted in definition. You define someone as being of a label, and you treat them ‘less than’. Though I suppose, that doesn’t really speak to the true spectrum of bigotry.

I can’t live in the past.

Where were you, when the world stopped turnin’?

I’d wager you dropped that G deliberately. So you’re asking, or perhaps singing a rhetorical question. So in answer to your question… I was probably asleep.

I lose you, moving forward.

If you lived in a world without something we take for granted, which something would you invent there?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, and I do believe I am, if I lived in a world without doors, I would invent the door. Or is privacy too modern an indulgence? Conversely, if I lived in a world without the car, I would leave the car for someone else to invent. I don’t like cars…

I just can’t tell.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Sorry, I thought you were about to ask me what kind of soup I would be. My answer would have been funnier. I’d prefer to be skilled, and financed– like Batman, or the Green Arrow, as opposed to being blessed like Superman, or cursed like Thing, or the Hulk.”

I know I’m feeling something.

Would you prefer to be fat and wealthy, or thin and poor?

I’m not sure, but there’s bigotry in there somewhere…

Is there some semblance?

What is the nature of the Soul?

There is no clever way to answer that question. Somewhere between the depletion and replenishing of power, and other primary needs, we ask ourselves unnecessary questions. There are some who believe there are answers to those questions. And there are Atheists. Is that humorous, or bigoted? I can’t tell.

I lead you, you lead me.

Do you believe in God?

I’d prefer not to answer that question…

I see my reflection, and reflect.

Would you think more, or less, of my questions if I, say, confessed I was a Scientologist?

If you have to ask, I can refer you to my earlier answers.

I see your inflections, as infections; it’s contagious.

ave I… offended you?

Not at all. I’d only be offended that ten questions, or nine, would be considered enough.



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