poetry corner 029 – How high was she?

It was a fraction of the time. I awoke, I forgot.
I don’t know any dutch pick up lines; doesn’t come up a lot.
And so, awakened, my stomach ached, I fed my body, fed my mind.
Made my bed with my mistakes. I theorise my contingencies, and I wait.
I await a coming date, mean to arrange stray time and place.
Complicated demonstrations; Lay them down and lie in wait.
My heart, it races– pocket grandeur, population: New York City.
It breaks no governance, mandate, libation, but damned if it’s not hella pretty.
Fireworks, before guns in hand. Sounds like a light reprimand.
It breaks no commandment, and isn’t it a pity, every neighbourhood abandoned, churches all over each city. I’ll keep my prayers in hand, you understand.


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