poetry corner 030 – fix her upper.

Catch her in the right light. Damsel in this dress.
Doesn’t take good eyesight to see that she’s a mess.
Collar in the morning, if you call her at all.
Girlie has just too much pride, that comes before her fall.
Medicated heavily, mind and eye asprawl.
Don’t make her your enemy. She never has the time.
Couldn’t if you tried to, you’re already on her mind.
Wouldn’t pay to chase her, she’s barely getting by.
Some people prefer their money wet, but I’ll take mine dry.
She talks as if she knows something, or says nothing et al.
Never in her right mind would she see you two feet tall.
What would be her virtue; what value would she hold?
Living a half-lifestyle– no platinum, no gold.
Patience averts you, her patents aren’t filed.
House arrest, who needs a curfew. Her temperament fierce mild.
She knows nothing at all. Has no card with which to call.


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