Just Write 02 – Mathematics 101 – Is this, United Kingdom?

It’s a beautiful language, English.

We had a referendum on our EU membership, and we made the wrong call.
We were told that the outcome must be accepted.

We have suffered losses at the hands of extremists, but we do not need to choke down on the PM’s rhetoric about extremism.

As a nation, we do not need to be ‘united’ against extreme action. We do not need to be ‘united’ at all…

— We weren’t united when the police cultivated hate and mistrust from black communities over mistreatment of black youths.
— We weren’t united when David Cameron stepped down over the referendum.
–We hadn’t been united when George Bush, and Tony Blair took the West to war.
–We weren’t united when the Conservative government galvanised support, claiming that the welfare state was somehow at fault. Not the embezzlers, tax dodgers and other costly white collar criminalities.
–We weren’t united when our non-elected PM belittled Scottish, Welsh & Irish voices over our place in the single market; the irony of her insistence that the people wanted to leave, but that Scotland did not want a second referendum. That the kingdom would simply have to be united.

We’re not united. We’re being told what we want, what we should feel… What little matters democracy when those in power are too busy cultivating votes to notice their blind assault on free speech, and expression. On our lives.

Free to be moved, free to move on.

We want control of our borders? Do we?
If our borders had been “controlled”, I and many other people simply wouldn’t exist.
I do not fear immigration. I do not like being told that I should.

We have nurses using food banks, I know I’m not okay with that.

We are being purged by our austerity measures, “zero hour contracts”, and absent funding. We do not all benefit from ‘wealth’ simply being encouraged within our borders.
We are misusing statistics, misusing language, and misusing our political theatre.

We cannot pretend that things can carry on as they are. Things need to change.‘ — Theresa May

When your wisdom, and teeth are lacking.

We were never pretending that things could carry on as they have, we told you things needed to change. You told us we were wrong.

Stop being politically correct‘ — Donald Trump

Stop being politically incorrect… Waste man.


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