Diary of a madman –02– A perfect circle.

Day 2 – you are not my supervisor… you ATE my supervisor!

I envy night, I weep for days. Beneath pure starlight; a filtered maze.
Dumb I am struck, I sit in awe. Tail poised like ducks, with gaping maw.
My eyes adjust, pulse comes to rest. Foul taste of crow, espied a nest.
Unlucky, I (accidentally) unhinged my jaw. Unending circle; all I saw.
Wretched and painful, though it had been, I made a note of all I’d seen.
The serpent eats it’s tale, only the hydra takes full advantage.
I found myself my own nest,  that I might avail myself of the damage.

— — — —

Slothfully, I hide behind good deeds.
Evasive action, pervasive needs.
I’d shut my mouth, when my writing arm got tired.
Bleeding, headed south, might well need to get my jaw wired.
Dreams in endless cycles, I weep some more.
Now that I see it from this angle, I’ve been here before!

—  —  —


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