poetry corner 050 – Never does.

Never does it ever rattle me, unless you won’t prattle.
On the mantle, my mantra; Betwixt a half-dozen candles.
Never does, never has.
Won’t, but will. Won’t, but will.

Never does it alter us, what a fuss; a blunderbuss.
Altercations come with trust; Still we rust– Our wanderlust.
Never does, never can.
Shan’t, but still. Shan’t, but still.

Never does it, come what may, mean it must always be this way.
Even the paradigm must come to pass, if we’ve nothing more to say.
Never does, never shall.
Can’t but did. Can’t but did.

Try, best I could, I never understood how a serpent could consume it’s own tail. Ourobouros
Surely, never does.


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