poetry corner 14U – 17 Candles.

Varsity jacket
Embossed leatherette
Every stitch a lavish labour
Right down to the tags
Like a well-written verse
Even the lettering is perfect

Through the years, I wonder why
Over time, our ideologies pass us by
Ornate mythologies, a sense of scale
Stripped of group-think beneath one sky
Kempt, and traditional, bonded– not in bonds
Entering an era beyond zeros and ones when we die

Meet with me on the love ridge
At the keystone on the bridge
Resting between sanity and submission
Through eras passed, and past tradition
I‘ll wait for you there
Near the sign for ‘Intuition’
Every moment providing clarity by the smidgen

Virtuosity builds, like rivers and Roman legion
All the waters; troubled; still
Near to heart as anarchy and treason

Divinity, divided; Issues undecided
Effervescence, plum-plucked pheasants
Rest, ’til resonance is resided

Her name is sweet, tender on the tip of my tongue
Expressive and excessive that our eyes should ever meet
Installed; possessed, and imprudently young
Dreaming, snoring, knoring; a prize
Everything I want. Oh so cleverly disguised


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